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ecovadis Platinum sustainability rating

Transportation alone is responsible for 20% of the carbon emissions worldwide. Making sustainability a part of your business and doing what you can to achieve it has never been as important as now. Importantly, we find innovative ways to manage, trade off or minimize carbon emissions in ways that work for the environment, and your bottom line.

It may feel like a race, but decarbonization is a journey – one where fundamental change in the business value chain is required beyond near-term carbon reduction plans.

At Ignite we ensure to minimize packing and utilize space as well as do what we can to lower the carbon rate of the products incoming.

For Ignite Sustainable procurement is very important to us, as we are always looking at solutions to procure products with the lowest environmental impact and most positive social results.

Engaging in Sustainable Procurement is an important part of a sustainable business approach, it allows us to diminish: 


GHG emissions, energy and water consumption and waste.


Child and forced labour, poor working conditions and discrimination.


Corruption, fraud and bribery of partners and stakehoders.